Talent Shows

Why do people go to talent shows? For the prize? Or the fame? Or something else? We don’t know. Maybe for all of them. Nowadays these shows enjoy a huge popularity and find new and new talents. There are names which has world wide fame and smaller which has just inner.
Here is a list of Talent Shows which you should know about:

Part 1

Britain’s Got Talent
It had 4 series.
The most famous judge of it is Simon Cowell. He was in all of the series with Amanda Holden. And the third judge has been changing in different series. The best known from them was David Hasselhoff.
1st in 2007
Winner: Paul Potts with his wonderful voice
2nd in 2008
Winner: George Sampson with his street dance
3rd in 2009
Winner: Diversity, a dance group. In Street Dance movie we can notice them.
There was another very good dance group the Flawless. I also have to mention Stavros Flatley, a dad and a son danced Irish step to Greek music. J
But the most famous character from this year was absolutely Susan Boyle.
4th in 2010
Winner: Spelbound an artistic dance group. It is amazing and dangerous just to watch what they have done!

Stavros Flatley

The Result

The correct answers:
1. The Crow-Holló
2. True Grit- A félszemű
3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail-Gyalog Galopp
4. While you were sleeping- Aludj csak, én álmodom
5. Speed-Féktelenül
6. Egy lövés a fejbe, öt a testbe-The young Americans
7. Apádra ütök- Meet the Fockers
8. Apád, anyád ide jöjön!- The parent trap
9. Ördög bújt beléd!-Jennifer’s Body
10. Nem férek a bőrödbe- Freaky Friday

The Result:
There wasn’t perfect sheet with no mistake.:P So, you should watch more films! (In English, of course)
With 1 mistake:” Tamás Teacher bá”, Erna and Fanni
With 3 mistakes: Zsófi, Lilla, Toma
With 4 mistakes: Gábor, Eugénia, Ádám
With 5 mistakes: Viki
With 6 mistakes: Andi, Zsobi, Milán

I hope you enjoyed it. And we have to make a film called “Füves macik”.
XOXO, Zita. 🙂

Film Quotes

Quotes from films which everybody knows.
“There’s no place like home” – The Wizard of Oz
“That’s classified. If I tell you I’ll have to kill you” – Top Gun
Which are your favourie quotes? 🙂

To read or not to read aloud in class

We chose this website, because we think it is interesting. We like the diagrams and the surveys. Here there are some questions about reading aloud:

When we do a Reading Practice activity, …

I usually volunteer to read aloud    
I sometimes volunteer to read aloud    
I rarely volunteer to read aloud    
I never volunteer to read aloud

If it were my choice, …

I would never read aloud    
I would sometimes read aloud    
I would be the only one to read aloud    

When I read aloud in class, I generally feel…

confident. I have an opportunity to show the teacher how good my English is!    
nervous. What if I don’t know some of the words?    
proud. The teacher rarely corrects my pronunciation.    
insecure. I know I will make mistakes.    
indifferent. It’s boring anyway!    
uncomfortable. Everyone will be looking at me.    
bad. They’ll laugh at my pronunciation.    
embarrassed. The teacher always corrects my pronunciation.    
scared. Why me? What have I done?    

Write a comment about your feelings.


5. When I read aloud in class and the teacher stops me and names another student, …

I feel relieved. I am finally left alone. 3 6%
I feel disappointed. I would like to read the whole text. 17 32%
I feel generous. Everyone should have a chance to read aloud in class. 30 57%
I feel ready to laugh at my colleagues’ mistakes. 3 6%

Interesting pictures / paintings


Check out this website!  The pictures are very spectacular, and interesting as well.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/7916457/Pencil-sculptures-miniature-masterpieces-carved-into-graphite-by-Dalton-Ghetti.html?image=3<— That’s how he makes them.

If you liked them, you can find here some more : http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2010/10/11/the-best-examples-of-unusual-art/

Have a good time! 😉